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The mystery door

Unlocking the door of the soul leading to Beauty and to the opening of the eyes of artistic inspiration

Venice and Capri are among Enrico Garff’s favorite themes …

Enjoy the”Diana in Venice” inspirational video

“Diana in Venice” a masterpiece by Enrico Garff

“Diana in Venice” memories from ta living theater stage hiding its mysteries in shadowy waters where William  Shakespeare shaped many of his dramas, Marco Polo explored, challenged and conquered the silky opening a gateway between western and eastern world, trading goods and culture between Europe and China. This atmosphere shows frequently up in pur Contemporary Master’s Venice themed paintings.

Those two artworks are among Isabella Diana’s favorite ones

Va’ Pensiero…Soaring Thought on golden wings.. Music and Poetry takes shape in a Contemporary Artwork

“Soaring thought on Golden Wings” (Va’ Pensiero sulle ali dorate)  Tribute to an immortal voice.

Romeo Mesisca another Contemporary Master

“Dante’s Inferno” – mixed media painting – Canto XXII

More artworks by Romeo Mesisca…

Garff & Eija Dodds are the authors: an oil painting and two charcoal portraits are hidden treasures in the Collection

A broader view over Isabella’s Contemporary Art Collection
A magical Trio by the Maestro Enrico Garff
Taormina: a southern warm breeze gently embracing a Northern corner in Helsinki…

The Etna dominates the ancient Greek theater in Sicily

Where myth, history and art merge together in most natural and mystical way. Where Isabella’s parents Erwin and Isa Gripenberg lived the last years together in Villa Costanza in Taormina until death took its toll separating the couple after faithful and unbreakable relationship. Erwin Gripenberg left this world in Taormina dusring a full blossoming of white flowers on the trees in  Spring 1984.

in the midst 60s Constance Ramsay von Troil built Villa Costanza Bellavista in Taormina on Sicily – Italy

Munkkiniemi manor February 17 2009 01.jpg
By Lauri SilvennoinenOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The Munsknäs – Munkkiniemi Manor in Helsinki in the photo above.

Isa Gripenberg and her mother Constance Ramsay married von Troil  both grew up in Munksäs Manor. The Ramsay clan originates from Scotland and still own their custom family kilt. Constance, after selling the family owned inherited property -including the Munksnäs Manor) in Munksnäs (Munkkiniemi) in Helsinki, moved in the middle of the 1960 decade to Italy and fell in love at first sight with Taormina, a jewel carved on top the hills in the Triangular shaped island, former home of the Phoenicians, the ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans. From the Sicilian Villa a literally breathtaking view embraces the Etna mountain and the whole valley lying at the foot of the volcano, the Ancient Greek Amphitheater and the Ionic sea…

Isa Gripenberg in Memoriam by Enrico Garff


The Hawaiian Girls NFT masterpiece artwork at the Opensea Ethereum crypto currency based art auction.

Isabella with the Contemporary Art Master Painter the Maestro Enrico Garff
Art Prints

30 Masterpiece artwork paintings by the Contemporary Art Master of the 21st Century Enrico Garff

The Leopard an oil on wooden plate masterpiece painting artwork by the Modern Art Master Enrico Garff

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The Leopard oil on a wooden plate masterpiece artwork is a precious gem forming part of The Gripenberg Art Collection. Painte3d in 2008 by the Contemporary Modern Art Master Painter of 21st Century.
This Masterwork is currently available on Tricera Marketplace art platform for sale. The color and the light in this painting irradiate a magical atmosphere. The contemporary art master Garffd escribes a Leopard hunting at the river’s shore for fish. The Maestro has always been attracted to wildlife scenes.
FINEART INVESTMENTS IN ORIGINAL ARTWORKS AND NFT DIGITAL ART CREATIONS BY THE CONTEMPORARY ART MAESTRO ENRICO GARFF The Gripenberg Art Collection includes the most prestigious artworks and paintings brought to light during the Painter’s lifetime spiritual walk facing many personal and artistic challenges along the way, The 21st Century Picasso, Enrico Garff’s essential style is capable of delivering the archetype and core of the nature of both physical and ethereal realm. The Hawaiian Girls inspired NFT animated digital artwork has recently been generated as a tribute to celebrate the Artist’s visionary journey.
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