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A tribute to Beagle Author:  the Author's muse and most faithful friend of every author who seeks refuge from chaos, cynicism and ugliness. 
Isabella Gripenberg (Diana)
A tribute to Beagle Author: the Author’s muse and most faithful friend of every author who seeks refuge from chaos, cynicism and ugliness.
Isabella Gripenberg (Diana)

“He’s always been since long ago my inspirational source and poetical companion. This is my creative corner, safe space free from triviality, ugliness, cynicism; where I shape my poems, limericks, jokes, quotes, aphorism and all those things without which life wouldn’t be as colourful and fulfilled with wit and poetry as it is.”

An excerpt from Isabella Diana Gripenberg’s own mind and soul

Io son Guerriera (I am woman Warrior)

Ode to bearocracy and the act
I am woman warrior by Isabella Diana Gripenberg

L’Onda – The Wave

The Wave aka L'Onda in Italian is a masterpiece painted by the contemporary art Master Enrico Garff
L’Onda – The Wave Oil on Canvas By Enrico Garff

A Winter Tale from the Amalfi coast

Recalling a storm with emerald nuances reverberating from the past. The steep slopes plunging into the tormented sea shining in a wider range of green to blue shades. The Amalfi coast in Winter is a dream I won’t ever forget.

The “Sturm und Drang” atmosphere, breathing profoundly into my lungs the intense scent of the salt and seaweed felt like an incommensurable taste of freedom penetrating into my bones and soul leaving a scar of nostalgia in my mind I will never be able to erase from my memory.

Magnifiche – – – terse – – – mugghianti
sublimi, selvagge, pesanti
verdi – – – antiche amanti – – –
eppur nel presente infrante
… gioventu’ che dolora, scintilla –
Tancredi accarezzaste !
Nell’aria freccia brillante :
Tancredi sorride
mi vede
tra onde smeraldo d’Amalfi
Spalle altere
di gioventu’ atarassica
capelli neri
acqua, tragedia classica
Positano . oil on canvas painting by Enrico Garff a contemporary art master
Positano painting by Enrico Garff – oil on Canvas
Sonetto dedicato a George Guido Lombardi
Grigiastra come una formazione
di nubi che in alto si estende,
sganciata dalla nostra opinione,
Madame Burocrazia – che pretende
dal popolo fedele devozione –
intorna al Pianeta Terra stende
la sua ragnatela che impone
manovre dalle trappole tremende.
Ma regole, paragrafi e legge
non bastano per tutelar il gregge :
son stati il Decreto e la Scienza
che al politico potente han permesso
di mantenere con magnifico successo
la social distance – dal intelligenza.
I.D.G.G. (Isabella Diana Gripenberg Garff)

Aforisma Quadrifoglio

Paura – Calunnia – Menzogna – Verita’

Four-leaf Clover Aphorism

dedicated to the king of Åland Anders Wiklöf

Fear – Slander – Lie – Truth
Poems and aphorisms by Isabella Diana Gripenberg
Poems and aphorisms by Isabella Diana Gripenberg


As rapidly as the wind spreads the dandelion’s seeds all over a grassland, Fear swiftly propagates in wartime paralyzing all those who fall in its claws.


Slander strikes as mercilessly and instantaneously as lightning hits the target, like the peregrine falcon dives on the prey.


Sleek and confident the lie flies like a Queen driven by the fury of Orlov horses.


Truth keeps walking on its own feet.


(la paura) Med stor hastighet, som när vinden sprider maskrosfrön över ett fält. så sprider sig rädslan i krigstider och förlamar de människor som den får i sitt våld.

FÖRTALET (la calunnia) Motståndslöst, blixtsnabbt, når förtalet sitt mål, dykande som en pilgrimsfalk ner på sitt offer.

SANNINGEN (la Verita’) Sanningen går till fots. I.D.G.G.

FINEART INVESTMENTS IN ORIGINAL ARTWORKS AND NFT DIGITAL ART CREATIONS BY THE CONTEMPORARY ART MAESTRO ENRICO GARFF The Gripenberg Art Collection includes the most prestigious artworks and paintings brought to light during the Painter’s lifetime spiritual walk facing many personal and artistic challenges along the way, The 21st Century Picasso, Enrico Garff’s essential style is capable of delivering the archetype and core of the nature of both physical and ethereal realm. The Hawaiian Girls inspired NFT animated digital artwork has recently been generated as a tribute to celebrate the Artist’s visionary journey.
Isabella Diana Gripenberg Art Collection
Isabella Diana Gripenberg Art Collection
Isabella Diana Gripenberg
Watercolour by Enrico Garff a contemporary art master. Art museum, collection, arrt allery, artworks
Watercolour by Enrico Garff